Our Philosophy

At the Tenacious Tennis Academy, we believe that the difference between a great ball striker and a great player is often found in the habits that extend beyond the tennis court. The Tenancious Tennis Academy is dedicated to helping tennis athletes achieve excellence in all aspects of life.

Our training methodology is rooted in ethics of quality over quantity of tennis balls hit. Practice groups are small, intense and mindful. Players are encouraged to work together as a team in order to accomplish individual goals. On the Tenacious Tennis Team, players are judged by the intent and intensity of their approach to practice, not rankings. In our holistic training program, the intensity of deliberate and intentional focus is strengthened, like a muscle, over time.

Mental - At the Tenacious Tennis Academy, we embrace the sweet science behind "performing under pressure". The mind operates differently in pressure situations. The Tenacious Tennis Academy empowers students with tangible tools and methods, which are founded in principles of Sports Psychology and Neuroscience, for approaching match play.

Technical - We teach world-class tennis in a progressive way, rather than a prescriptive way. Imagine how much easier it would be to play the game if you only needed to think about a few things in order to execute your technique. At the Tenacious Tennis Academy, we aim to demystify and simplify the art of tennis technique.

Tactical - "Know thyself and to thyself be true." As a tennis player, awareness of limitations is as important as embracing strengths. Self-awareness allows us to compete within our abilities and to take risks when the odds are favorable. The Tenacious Tennis Academy helps players define the identity of their tennis games.

Fitness and Resiliency - How much are you willing to sacrifice physically and mentally in order to achieve your goal? At the Tenacious Tennis Academy, the physical and mental resolve to endure and embrace uncomfortable situations is acquired, gradually, like a skill.

College Recruiting - Unfamiliar with the college tennis recruiting process? Players can receive personally tailored athletic guidance counseling at the Tenacious Tennis Academy. In partnership with our students, we walk together through the recruiting process in order to help realize the ideal future college tennis experience.

Jesse Inghelram

About Jesse Inghelram

President, Director

Simplicity has become an expression of Jesse Inghelram's coaching philosophy. It is easy to get lost in the art of tennis technique but 16 years of professional coaching experience has refined Jesse's eye as well as his approach. "Coaching junior tennis players is like steering a swimmer through the choppiness of the San Francisco bay towards a buoy..." Inghelram's mission is to develop talented athletes to their highest potentials as tennis players and as people. This motivation inspired Jesse to found the Tenacious Tennis Academy at San Francisco State University. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Tenacious Tennis.

WHAT MOVES ME? Observing a player emerge from a difficult experience having found a strength inside that they never knew existed.

WHAT INSPIRES ME? Watching students grow more resilient and self-realized as their comfort levels are pushed.

About Roberto Di Giulio

Advisor, Coach

"Great tennis is a journey not a result." Roberto DiGulio is a masterful teacher with a big heart. Few people have left a comparable mark on the tennis community of San Francisco. In addition to his achievements as a competitor, Roberto is recognized for his work developing world-class players and his tennis outreach to at-risk communities such as Hunters Point.

What he imagines: a place where athletes from all backgrounds feel empowered to push the limits of their abilities.

Coaching Team

  • Jeff Thomas
  • Julio Munoz
  • Lawrence Yang
  • Michael Redondo
  • Antonio Perich
  • Bryson Lee

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